For Marvel fans, the process of watching The Avengers 4 is destined to be a special experience.The success of Marvel’s film is to create a lot of characters that the audience will never forget.Each superhero has a distinct personality. They are no longer the image of the traditional bitterness and hatred. On the contrary, they are very grounded and the audience has a strong resonance.
I’m not a big fan of marvel. Although some films, such as black panther, I didn’t watch them during their release,But captain America and the avengers are the marvel movies I watch the most. I can watch them all day.Of all the 22 Marvel movies that have been released, my favorite is The Avengers 1 and Captain America 2 .Captain America 2 highlights the charisma of Captain America, and I have completely fallen in love with this character.
He does not only have handsome appearance and standard American hips, but also has a neat skill and firm belief.Many audience were initially unimpressed by the character of Captain America, the World War II-born superhero who seemed so flawless.The distance between him and us is too far away, and you can feel the main melody coming from Captain America 1, which has extremely strong political propaganda.
Captain America’s father was killed by a gas bomb in the World War I. His mother, a nurse, died of the infection in the hospital’s tuberculosis room.Influenced by his parents, captain America has the purest good things in him– integrity, courage, perseverance and dedication, which are the most memorable qualities in today’s society.He was not born to be a super soldier. Before the injection of serum, he was just the thin Steve Rogers from Brooklyn.At that time, it coincided with World War II. He repeatedly signed up for the army and was rejected because of the unqualified medical examination.His medical report reads scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, high blood pressure, palpitations, fatigue, heart disease and many other cases.Young and strong warriors are hard to survive from the brutal war, let alone a thin man like him.Although his physical condition is not suitable for entering the dangerous battlefield, he still did not give up, even at the expense of fraud and deception to try to join the army.Because his peers were fighting hard on the battlefield, he did not want to hide behind like a coward.
“Because captain america female cosplay costume who has known power all his life.They lose respect for that power.But a weak man,who values of strength,and loves,compassion.”
Dr. Erskine saw the light in him and decided to inject him with super warrior serum, which changed Steve Rogers’ life.
At the moment of the “bomb” attack, the first reaction of other American soldiers around him was to escape, and Steve Rogers did not hesitate to rush to the bomb to cover others.Later, in order to protect his country and save the world, he was willing to sacrifice himself and slept for 70 years under the sea.In addition to dedication and sacrifice, captain America’s spirit of never giving up and fighting to the end is also moving.
Whether it was the little man who was bullied by the street gangsters or the captain of the United States who fought against the strong enemy, he would fearlessly say the motto: “I can do it all day” .

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