How to become a regular Newt Scamander cosplayer?

Newt Scamander is knowledgeable but not socially sociable, which is a horrible zoologist who likes to wander around. He is the British Ministry of Magic employee, who traveled to record the shape, habits and habitat of magical creatures. He comes to the United States is to start an adventure and explore the rare and endangered animals.His clothing is also very attractive to people, many people want to cosplay him, put on Newt Scamander’s cosplay costumes.

Newt’s suit is a classic three-piece suit, the innermost one is of course a white shirt with a black bow on the neckline. His wears a yellow vest and the pocket watch is in the pocket of the vest. As for the jacket and pants are dark brown. After wearing this suit, you can be as handsome as Newt and swim the magic world.
Blue coat:
This dark blue woollen coat features vintage fold-over sleeves and a patch pocket.
You may find clothes similar to this blue coat in any place, yes, it is very ordinary. But as Newt’s cosplay costume, it is special. Newt is doing everything silently in this coat. He protects the magic world and knows very little, but an indispensable part.
Remember the pocket watch? The animal is engraved on the outer surface of the pocket watch, representing his gentleness and affection for those magical animals.
There is also a scarf, with that scarf to truly play the role of Newt.
The topics explored in the film are very adult, dramatic, and contradictory. We can see similar places in the real world. This movie also has the most quintessential charm, humanity and playfulness in Rowling’s works. It is not the story of Harry Potter in adulthood. It has a pure character that draws us closer to the world. The sense of humor, darkness and curiosity are mixed together, let us fall in love with these characters and indulge in this world.
We will equip you to be the real Newt Scamander. What are you waiting for?


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